Nature Experiences Near Seafari Resort Oslob

1)    Experience the amazing largest sea creatures : the Whalesharks. In Cebuano languiage these creatures are called BUTANDINGS…these amazing whale sharks are

Not dangerous for human beings, meaning they filter the seawater to eat plankton and skrills, for this reason the TanAwan fisherman started feeding the whalesharks and made it a great tourist attraction!

People from all over the world are attracted and visit this unique place in Oslob now!

Enjoy your stay in Seafaqri resort and have the opportunity to swim with the Butandings, just a few minutes by paddleboat from our private beach distanced!

2)    Just 10 minutes drive  nearby Seafari Resort there is also another unique nature experience: the Tumalog Waterfalls, here you may observe pristine tropical nature and enjoy and bath under 300 FT height Waterfalls , while listening to wild bird nature sounds!