…Coming From Cebu?

If you came from Cebu, the distance from Cebu City to Seafari Resort is approximately 123km.
As per dutch owner’s point of view this is about 1.15hours travel time in
Netherlands / Amsterdam.

Please consider that Philippines is not as sophisticated compared to other
countries, and Seafari Resort’s location is in the province or Rural Area,
thus you may expect one highway or single lane with people (adults & kids
alike) walking along the road, tricycles, motorbikes, big & slow trucks,
some animals roaming along the streets, you might even witness some
funerals in a slow walking mode or even fiesta’s in various barangay, etc.

The following information are options for you to consider when traveling
from Mactan Airport to Seafari Resort.

First Option: The cheapest way to travel from the airport is to take a
taxi to South Bus Terminal approximately Php250. You take Yellow CERES
bus, it’s very OK, Inform the conductor that you are going to Seafari
Resort. This cost approximately Php180/pax. But travel time is about
5hours Mactan Airport/South Bust Terminal/Seafari Res

Second Option: Negotiate a taxi from the Airport to Seafari/Oslob the
cheapest fee would be 2,500, but there are some disadvantage/s with this.
Let me give you some insight, because taxi drivers rent their car per day,
they would ask you a cheaper rate once they already earn their day rent.
If drivers has not earned the day rent they would drive fast to be back in
town and possible travel time approximately 3hrs.

Third Option: Online booking wherein car is already in/near the airport
cheapest offer possible 3,500/way and same with option two driver wants to
be back in town earliest possible. Travel time approximately 3hrs.

Fourth Option: We send our Seafari Car & Company driver to pick you up
from the airport. We have a safe driver and the car is Toyota Innova with
aircon. Our driver only needs to take you to our resort. This cost 4,500
for single way or a discounted 8,000 for round trip. Travel time
approximately 3.5hrs.

If you wish to avail of our transfer kindly provide the following details:
>From Dumaguete to Seafari yes / no
one way / round trip From Cebu City to Seafari yes / no
one way / round trip From Bohol to Seafari yes / no
one way / round trip From Seafari to Bohol yes / no

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